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Tokyo Metropolitan University Students Our Favorites PART1

"Favorite Songs" of TMU Students

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Favorite Song:Unbelievers/Kenshi Yonezu

Name:Wataro Yamashita
Graduate School:Urban Environmental Sciences Master’s Program

This song held me up after I failed the university entrance exams and wasn't sure about my future. As more and more time passed and I began to feel anxious and began to worry if I had made the right decision, this song's lyrics encouraged me to keep going. This song both lights the darkness and offers a hand that leads you to a brighter place. I often listen to music when I want to focus on something by myself or when I'm feeling down, but even now, when things don't go well with others and I get down on myself, I get the urge to listen to this song.

YouTube You can listen to this song on Kenshi Yonezu's YouTube channel!

Favorite Song:Still.../Arashi

Name:Dai Nunota
Graduate School:Urban Environmental Sciences Master’s Program

I began listening to Arashi in junior high thanks to the influence of my big sister. People think that most of Arashi's fans are female, but I think their appeal exceeds gender. Even now, Arashi influences my life and is a part of my everyday, so choosing a favorite song from them is difficult. However, if I had to choose, it might be Still... It's a love song but the lyrics can also be construed in different ways. Also, Sho Sakurai's rapping is super cool. If you're a boy and have never really listened to Arashi, I would recommend "Truth." It has a cool melody so you can enjoy it without feeling too weird.

Favorite Song:I Just Can't Wait to Be King/The Shiki Theatre Company: The Lion King

Name:Maia Kushima
Faculty:Economics and Business Administration

I absolutely love theme park music and songs from musicals. They pull you into a different world just like when you're reading a story, cheer me up and make me feel happy. However, "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" is the one I love above all others. Ever since I first heard it when I saw the Shiki Theatre Company live with my mom, I haven't been able to forget how fun the atmosphere of the theater was. And now, at karaoke, this is my best song. When I break out this song while my friends are all singing cool, cutesy songs, it always gets a laugh and fills the room with excitement. I also recommend listening to this to help you get up in the morning.

Favorite Songs:I'm so free!/THE IDOLM@STER

Name:Daichi Ishii
Graduate School:Systems Design Master’s Program

Ever since seeing the anime in the 3rd year of junior high, I've been a fan of THE IDOLM@STER. While I didn't listen to them much in university, when a friend and I were up late writing our graduation theses, I pulled out an old music player of mine, listened to it again and loved it just as much. While the song is meant to give off an autumn vibe, the melody is so lovely that it will put you in a refreshed, cheerful mood year round. Listening to this song while walking from the Minami-Osawa Station to campus and looking up at the blue sky and the trees below is the best part of my day.